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Understanding your Furniture Series: The Feather Sandwich

Posted by on 04 Dec 2017

The Feather sandwich, often misunderstood , is a very important piece to cushions for soft seating. This application is used in high end application which offers additional comfort while controlling costs. The sandwich consists of a piece of block foam centre, literally sandwiched in between a down and feather wrap. See photo Below.



This is important to know, as when buying soft seating , the cushions are often described and down and feather…. And that isn’t the case.

They actually have block foam centre, which retailers often mislead consumers and sell them on a down and feather product. If a couch had 100% down and feather insert, then the problem is two fold, performance over time, and odd shaped cushions. The performance is simple, just like a down filled jacket, you will lose feathers over time,

This is certainly a more premium product as it offers additional comfort due to the feather and down. This application is used in sectionals and couches, lounge chairs, and some ottomans. If comfort is the big decision maker for a custom piece of furniture, we highly recommend this “feather sandwich” .


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