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CN Tower 360 Restaurant

The Request

CN Tower 360 restaurant is one of Toronto’s Finest, featuring unforgettable interiors and food along with a magnificent revolving view of Toronto more then 1150 ft in the air. CN tower engaged a handful of credible upholstery companies to bid on the project. The bid was based on quality, timeliness and how the bid winner would not interrupt the flow of operations at this busy establishment.

The Challenge

This project was a logistical nightmare, the Blue jays were in the midst of an exceptional season which made the delivery dock extremely busy, furthermore we had to submit our proposal on how to execute this project.

The Solution

We staffed to complete 1 unit per night and deliver the finished unit back to site before 11am opening. This involved being highly organized and being ready to be flexible with any unforeseen interruptions. We were awarded the project due to our flexibility in working around the restaurants operating hours and our dedication to quality.

The Result

We became the Cn Towers go- to source for upholstery and custom furniture. We successfully completed the renovation and reupholstery within the allocated time period and are proud to have patrons sitting in our furniture high above the world’s greatest city!

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