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CIBO by Liberty Entertainment Group

The Request

Cibo a group of restaurants by the Liberty Group was looking for a supplier who can meet their growth and offer a standards program to keep the budget, design and function succinct across the brand.

They required furniture for all of their locations across North America   – Toronto Yonge, Toronto Yorkville, Toronto King St, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami  – to remain consistent with their brand, and retain the look-and-feel from one venue to the next.

The Challenge

We had to create a package that all blended together at the same time meet the performance requirements for Florida and Toronto. We needed to provide a good quality product , that is unique and can withstand significant usage.

The Solution

We worked directly with Liberty Creative to find and secure the materials we would use for this project. Once that was successfully completed, we moved into design and prototype. By offering our customers an opportunity to touch, see and feel the products we managed to create the perfect solution.
Our knowledge of the industry allowed us to manufacture the perfect project below the required budget.

The Result

We are proud to say we have earned the business of the CIBO brand and we have supplied all their furniture in all of the locations across North America.

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