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Blue Blood Steakhouse Casa Loma

The Request

The first major expansion of Canada’s famous Castle. This was to be the first steakhouse by Liberty Entertainment Group and was designed internally by Liberty’s creative team.  The project has two separate rooms with a distinct design of high end stones, Italian leather and cowhides, a Warhol gallery and stunningly carved ceilings and chandeliers.

The Challenge

The challenge was to deliver a premium product on time and within the specified budget. We were tasked with the job of finding the perfect leather to clad the Vegas style banquettes. It was quite a challenge as we need both aesthetics and performance.

The second challenge was to produce a unique style that is rarely seen in Toronto, and deliver this on time.

The Solution

RFP has a strong relationship with all of its suppliers. We work hand in hand to see what is new, what is current and our relationships with suppliers all them to  go above and beyond for our requests. We found the perfect leather and imported it direct from Italy. It met all commercial fire codes, and met the client’s needs.

The second solution is what really sets RFP apart from all competitors., its our employment of strategic collaboration. We needed to find something that created a WOW factor. The client needed their round banquettes to be the big focal point of the main dining room. We used our moch up process to create a few different ways to make this statement. We created a unique style of hexagonal tufting coupled with a hair on hide outside back. Mission accomplished as these banquettes have been featured nationally via multiple publications.

The Result 

Blue Blood steakhouse is a wonder for the eyes. Our solutions were the perfect compliment for the space and the images are being used in advertisements across the world.

We have since supplied 3 additional fixed seating areas in Casa Loma once this was completed.

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