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Hospitality Solutions

We believe that everyone is passionate is about creating value and being valued for the work they do. Those particularly who work in the hospitality industry pride themselves in their ability to cater to the needs of their guests and provide a destination that is both comfortable and highly modern. The interior design of your hotel will be your most crucial business strategy and is what will set you apart from your competitors. Quality of service coupled with well thought out aesthetic and respect for functional requirement can shape a guests experience.

RFP Design Group is an expert in hospitality install solutions, from installing banquettes and seating, to assembling of tables. from design to raw materials and production, delivers high quality products. As a hotel industry expert in design, procurement, and production, we create beautiful rooms and spaces.

We have a competitive advantage over most furniture manufacturers because we don’t use particle-board construction in the production of furniture pieces made in large volumes such as, for hotels. Particle-board is made of sawdust or wood chips mixed with glue and compressed to form a board. This material may look good, but it’s not made to last. Common problems that occur with particle-board construction include moisture damage, wobbly furniture, and scratches and dents that cannot be repaired.

At RFP Design Group, our custom furniture pieces are manufactured in factories owned and operated by RFP, right here in Canada. Because we own our factories, we are better able to maintain the standard of quality that our clients rely on as well as pass on factory direct prices to our clients. Our furniture is constructed with kiln dried canadian hardwood. The best there is on the market place.

Our interior design team’s expertise goes beyond decorating. Through comprehensive training and experience, RFP Design Group commands skills in interior space planning, adhering to building codes, fire regulations applicable to the use of different fabric and finishes on the furniture, floor plans, environmental initiative, and more.

Our hospitality solutions also include:

  • Space Planning/Square Footage Optimization
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Concept & Theme Development
  • Colour Scheme Development
  • Image & Brand Identity through design
  • Professional Project Management
  • Full Construction Plans
  • Budget Development
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery & Installation

Our product is exceptional, our services fantastic. Our clients often choose to “re-fresh” opposed to make new. After three months we asked how our products held up in terms of quality and style, 50% of our clients advised that our products absolutely look and act brand new, opposed to the 20% who stood by their suppliers. Case in point, RFP is an industry leader in quality and return on investment (ROI). The decision to work with RFP Design Group is a decision for a high return on investment.

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