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Markham Stouffville Hospital

The Request

Markham Stoufville hospital was about to open a second site and transition from old to new. The decision was made to reupholstery 220 individual piece of furniture. The customer required the furniture to be tagged and numbered for re-delivery at the new site.

The Challenge

Organizing the delivery of the required pieces on time and properly tagged. The hardest part of this project was to ensure the correct furniture was placed in production cue, certain floors and rooms were prioritized and thus active project management was required.

The Solution

In order to keep up with the rolling delivery dates and prioritized delivery schedule, we had partnered with our suppliers to ensure materials were shipping as required. Our suppliers which included but are not limited to Design Tex, Momentum, and Maharam did an excellent job of delivering what we needed and when we needed.

We assigned two team members to be heavily involved for removal and subsequent redelivery. Our on site removal and delivery offered ease of navigation and execution for the new site. By having team members focus solely on individual tasks the success was easier to achieve.

The Result

The hospital opened with the reupholstered on time, and RFP completed 100% fulfillment rate.

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