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Bank Furniture Solutions

The financial market segment requires specific design elements in order to accommodate administrative functions, public functions, and areas of high security. As such, a wide array of solutions is needed. Additionally, banks want to establish themselves amongst others by focusing on creating unique furniture and design standards consistent with their branding. These standards are an integral part of their business and are intended to span across diverse functional groups as well as multiple branch locations, sometimes on a national level.

RFP will assign a interior design specialist who is highly experienced and trained to navigate through the unique needs of organizations specifically in the financial market. You will work closely work someone who has an understanding and background in your field of work. Each time we engage with our clients, we set the tone for an incredible exchange. We strongly believe that understanding your work processes, industry standards, every day business functionalities, and other characteristics, that we’re able to execute your vision perfectly. Additionally, RFP is connected with the most credible suppliers that are designed to provide specific functionality to support business solutions in the financial market.

Our bank furniture solutions service includes:

  • Systems furniture
  • Executive offices
  • Open area work stations
  • Architectural wall designs
  • Reception/Lobby area
  • Lounge furniture
  • Acoustical panels
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Teller stools
  • Conference rooms/Board rooms
  • Storage/filing
  • Privacy & security

After years of experience in commercial designs within individual banking environments, RFP Design Group has developed bank furniture solutions that range from traditional to cutting edge to ensure we are able to successfully match the overall culture of a bank’s unique branding and functionalities. We help banks establish consistent standards that can be applied to numerous locations around the country in an effort to establish a consistent culture and aesthetic no matter what the location.

RFP Design Group is proudly Canadian, all of our custom furniture, upholstery services, reengineer furniture, designs, and more are built in factories owned by RFP, right here in Canada. When it comes to quality and the ability to provide driven solutions at factory direct prices, products being made in Canada matters. We design, build and supply – our customers come to us with a vision and we help turn that vision into reality. We offer design services to create a fully customized piece of furniture, we build it, and we supply all the goods you will need to execute your vision.

Our Latest Bank Furniture Solutions

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