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Furniture restoration and re-upholstery is the most advantageous option if the piece is high-quality and truly one of a kind. With this option, it is intended to not change or take away from the originality of the furniture itself, but rather restore its aesthetic and practical value so that it could become more livable in this modern world.

There is a growing interest in authentic furniture and decor. Old furniture was made to last, you’ll find most pieces were crafted from solid wood with built-in quality, exquisite elements like hand engraving, and unique artistry. It’s becoming a rarity to find this sort of style and quality in the average contemporary furniture store. Some furniture pieces produced as early as 10 years back can be found to encompass this level of quality. You’ll find most older pieces are still in great shape with the exception of the fabric being subjected to the usual wear and tear. A good start in determining whether or not your aged furniture piece is a good candidate for reupholstering is by it’s weight. If sofa is quite heavy to lift with the help of just two people, it likely is well constructed with a solid wood webbed bottom, equipped with coil springs to form the cushions as opposed to the way some couches are made currently, hollow with a fabric cover.

Nowadays, you’ll see a lot more vintage furniture pieces being used in modern offices and retail stores because it welcomes clients and visitors with a level of sophistication and flair that’s accompanied with a sense of warmth. I find this sort of panache is best accomplished with the use of high-quality vintage furniture that has been artfully restored.

RFP Design Group is proudly Canadian, our re-upholstery services are completed right here in Canada, in factories owned by RFP. When it comes to quality and the ability to provide driven solutions at factory direct prices, products being made in Canada matters. We design, build and supply – our customers come to us with a vision, we help turn that vision into reality. We offer design services to create a fully customized piece of furniture, we build it, and we supply all the goods you will need to execute your vision.

Our re-upholstery services include:

  • Custom furniture design and consultation
  • Custom built furniture and measured to your specifications
  • Re-upholstery of sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and more
  • Foam replacement
  • Recoiling of sofa springs
  • Custom slipcovers
  • Custom decorative pillow designs
  • Furniture restoration and refinishing
  • Furniture repair
  • Professional project management
  • Space planning
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