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Posted by on 01 Feb 2018

Vibe   19th Century gentleman’s club

Traits – Myriad tufts for a deep quilted effect. Low slung rolled arms equal height of back.

Why does it look like this? This look was made for a reason. It was intentionally made to keep a gentleman sitting straight so their suits wouldn’t wrinkle.

Usage Today – We are seeing this specific furniture piece everywhere. From hotel entrances, to corporate setting. It is a piece we love to manufacturer.  The deep tufts add richness to anyspace and although traditionally this piece uses leather, it looks incredible in deep velvets. Banquettes are being specified to take this look and add sophistication to the space.

We have used this in a hospitality setting as well! It’s a piece we converted into a hexagon shaped banquette at Blue Blood Steakhouse, and they are a fan favourite .




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